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Title: Importância relativa de plantas medicinais no semiárido da Paraíba (nordeste/Brasil)
metadata.dc.creator: Coutinho, Priscilla Clementino
Abstract: Relative Importance of Medicinal Plants in the semiarid region of Paraíba (Northeast / Brazil): In the present study searched for information about the knowledge and uses of plant species with medicinal purposes in the municipalities of Itaporanga, Lagoa, Remigio, São Mamede and Solânea (Paraíba, northeast of Brazil). Interviews were conducted with 100% of household heads (men and women). We calculated the relative importance (IR) to determine the most important species locally. The 51 medicinal plants distributed into 45 species, 41 genera and 20 families, it is not possible to identify six. The most representative families were Fabaceae (12 spp.), Euphorbiaceae (5 spp.), Anacardiaceae (4 spp.). The species that stood out were: M. urundeuva Allemão (Aroeira) with 262 citations of use and Syderoxilum obtusifolium (Roem & Schult.) T. D. Penn (Quixabeira) with 185 citations. It was found that medicinal plants showed 17 versatility with regard to their uses IR> 1. Emphasize the high frequency of therapeutic uses, concentrated in the treatment of disorders of the respiratory system, diseases that are not defined or not defined pain, disorders of the digestive and genito-urinary, and general inflammation and healing the diseases mentioned. The bark was the most used with 1399 citations of use, and how to prepare the sauce (586 citations). The therapeutic indications with greater VUcurrent / VUpotential inflammation were generally presenting 19.28% of current use and potential use of 2.30%; Cough with 17.02% of the current use and potential use of 6.38%, then Healing with 15.68% of the current use and potential use of 4.53%. This study evidenced by IR greater use of two species that are endangered in the Caatinga, which reveals conservation concerns.
Keywords: Plantas medicinais
Ecologia humana
Issue Date: 5-Sep-2014
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