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Title: Tylopilus e Phlebopus (Boletales) em áreas de Mata Atlântica do Nordeste Brasileiro.
metadata.dc.creator: Silva, Anderlechi Barbosa da.
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor1: Wartchow, Felipe.
Abstract: Fungi of Boletales have cosmopolitan distribution, with 19 families and 80 genera., among these families are Boletaceae and Boletinellaceae. The genera Tylopilus and Phlebopus belong respectively to these families and are represented by three and five species respectively in Brazil. Taxonomic studies and mycological inventories of these taxa in Brazil, especially in the northeast region, in areas of the Atlantic Forest are scarce and lacking in data. Collections and subsequent revisions of herbarium specimens of Tylopilus and Phlebopus genera deposited at Lauro Pires Xavier (JPB) and other herbaria, including identification, illustrations and analysis of the wealth of these taxa has a great relevance due to the short notice of them. From these collections and revisions was broadened mycological collection of the JPB herbarium, to describe and report occurrences of species and also new species contributing to broaden the picture of the taxa from Brazilian Northeast. The materials studied were deposited mostly in JPB herbarium, were analyzed dez exsiccatae corresponding to the genre Tylopilus and three to Phlebopus. The description of the specimens was taken according to specific methods indicated for these groups. In these analyzes identified the occurrence of two species of Phlebopus, P. beniensis and P. brasiliensis, while Tylopilus been identified for a new occurrence of T. potamogeton var. aquarius, which by our studies was elevated to category of species, T. aquarius through a new combination nomenclatural and synonymization with T. potamogeton var. mitis, describing a new variety: T. aquarius var. megistus. Also was identified two possible new species of Tylopilus, demonstrating that this region has a diversity still unexplored and with great potential for new discoveries for Taxa.
Keywords: Fungos
Issue Date: 20-Oct-2016
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