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Title: Abordagem do conceito de fração: uma análise de livros didáticos
Authors: SOUZA, Ângela Tereza Silva de
Abstract: The textbook plays a fundamental role with regard to the teaching and learning process, being often the unique support, mainly in public schools, that the teachers can resort to prepare their classes. Among the contents of mathematics worked in Basic Education it is possible to assert that the teaching of the rational numbers, especially in fraction form, is still quite deficient, being presented through calculation strategies, since the study of this content provides diverse everyday applications favoring the contextualization of Mathematics teaching. Thus, this research aims to analyze the methodological approaches about the concepts and meanings of fraction on the textbooks, in order to identify which contributions and implications of this methodological resource about this content to the teacher practice, if the same respond to official instructions and if the methodology used in this resource favors the motivation and the learning. Was selected for analysis three books adopted by 6 th grade teachers from schools in the municipal education of the municipality of Itapororoca/Pb. At the end of the investigation, it was noticed that the three books presented fails on the questions analyzed, like bit-depth historical facts, demonstrations, suggestions of activities little contextualized, requiring conform them so that they can provide better learning of the content of fractions. Was also identified that perform a content analysis can instigate in the Mathematics teachers more critical thinking and investigative in relation to both in the selection process of didactic material as its pedagogical practice as a whole.
Issue Date: 16-Sep-2016
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